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You can chat with a librarian in real time or send us your question and wait for the answer. It's a bit like going into a library and asking a question in person, but can be done from your computer or mobile device.

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Ask a Kent Librarian chat (provided as part of a national project called Enquire), instantly connects you to someone who is trained to help you find the answers to your questions. We can help you find the answers, any time day or night, every day of the year.

Although you can use this service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Kent librarians will only be available during library opening hours. When our libraries are closed, your question may be answered by a librarian from somewhere else in the world who is not familiar with your local area. To help them answer your question, please include the town/county you live in where relevant.

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From time to time, we may contact users to get feedback. This is really important to us and helps highlight areas for improvement. If you would rather we didn't call you, please let us know.

Customer comments

"The librarian that helped me was extremely helpful and efficient. I think this is an excellent service [..]. This kind of service is absolutely critical to small businesses such as mine in these difficult times"
Ray, CCL Database Solutions (business enquiry submitted by chat)

"I had a problem downloading a book [eBook], sent an email late evening got a response and problem solved by 9:30 the following morning. Excellent service".